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1 male,     1 female,      1 female musician (plays viola)

Comedy/drama       100 minutes

It’s about time. Adapted from Howard Doughty’s award-winning novel, Midwestern Journal, is a serious story embroidered with subtle humor in which the leading character is caught in a void between the past and the present.

Midwestern Journal has a writing theme with a journal, diary, and acts which are called chapters.  The chapters are stories complete in their own right, but when placed end-to-end they make a larger story with its own beginning and ending.

Midwestern Journal is in the format of a journal or diary, a double diary.  The entries of Edward Ellis and his great-grandmother, written forty years apart, echo on parallel courses throughout the play. They rise and fall together, cover approximately the same territory, and close when the great-grandmother dies and Edward Ellis, through his own experiences, finally realizes that the heartland in which he grew up is only memories.

“Four stars”      Clarion Review

“Flashes of humor”   Blueink Review

“Star Award”   Kirkus Reviews


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